You can receive fame for almost every crafting and combat activity in Albion Online. It's used for levelling up your adventurer level, as well as for keeping track of your progress in-game.


While fame is uniform score, there are four different fame sources: killing players, NPCs, crafting and trade. You can check how much you've gained from each in your personal statistics.


Now, on top of that, there’s also a fame system. You will have uncommon or rare or other rarer resources spawn. Now, these are represented by a kind of like little fairies things floating around them. If you harvest it, you are going to get more fame than the ordinary resource.


Fame is progression on this destiny board. You need a specific amount of fame in order to make progress in Destiny Board. And, of cause, it’s more common to find this type of resources in an explored and dangerous area.


However, these do come at a bit of a cost. The durability of your gathering tool is getting wrecked a lot more by harvesting these uncommon resources. It’s worthwhile anyway comparing to what you get in return.


One thing you should keep in mind is that other people usually have the same goal as you. They make their way to the dangerous zone because of these resources. You should keep your eyes on the map to aware of other people location and harvest everything as much and as fast as possible. Otherwise, a more powerful player might PvP you and take all the resources.


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