Mounts are used to travel across the world. Mounts are used to travel quickly across the open world map and allow you to carry more resources than on foot. Horses and Oxen must be raised in a Pasture. There are also exotic mounts, such as dire wolf, dire boar, and dire bear, which must be raised from pups in a Kennel. Grown animals are converted into mounts at a Saddler.


Now, really important point about the resource system in this game is not only are you trying to explore and compete with other players over limited resources, but you also have to really plan how you get there and get back. Most of the traveling is done on foot or on horseback or on ox back. You really have to kind of get out there yourself. You really have to take the time to travel, and although this slows the pace of gameplay down, it does create sort of an interesting strategic aspect to the resource gathering.

There is a limited carry weight in Albion Online. When you carry more than you could handle, you are becoming encumbered and slowing down. It's recommended to throw away all junks to speed yourself up.


It can also mean that the greedier you are, the more you are slow down and the more danger awaits you especially when you are in a PvP zone. If another player engages you while you are carrying too much, it's very difficult to flee away. Some player goes to the PvP zone not to harvest resources but to kill and takes harvested resources from other players. And the slowed down player is always be their target. It means they are carrying various rare resources which other players can steal everything if they can win the fight.


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