Hey all, just thought I'd give some insight into an aspect of weapon progression that I find misleading.


I believe the current .1 .2 and .3 weapon system is flawed because of the way that the tier of each weapon is not balanced with the other types.


for example. the .1 crossbow at base tier is labeled as a tier 4 (IV) weapon, just like the .3 repeating crossbow. The problem is that the label doesn't correspond to the weapons TRUE power, as the .3 repeating crossbow at base level is actually closer to tier 6 (VI).


I believe this is an immense lack of clarity in game because the tier label on the weapon basically means nothing.


Having a IV label on both the .1 crossbow and the .3 repeating crossbow is wrong.


Another problem is in the fame needed. a master's crossbow requires 202k fame, whereas a master's repeating crossbow needs 1million..




EITHER- Take all weapon types (.1, .2 and .3) and balance them around their labeled tier (IV, V, VI, VII, VIII), by equalizing both fame requirement and power.


OR- Make .1 base tier IV, .2 base tier V and .3 base tier VI to truly represent their power.