I'm not a PvP person, I bought the game for trading (and transportation of goods for more albion gold), gathering, crafting. I love the idea of supporting my friends with high quality items the moment they ding to higher tier. I like just peacefully prancing around NPC merchants and feeding them.


And I want to tell you that don't wait until the game is released. Buy now. There is going to be a wipe soon, this will give you opportunity to screw around in the game with some cash.. get a personal feel for it. Once the wipe hits, you'll be back at square one with your stuff... again, you can be creative until the game is launched with NO repercussions of your real world purchased gear.


The games great, if you like Runescape, you'll love this. Plenty of PvP, decent PvE (I think they'll work on this, dungeons seem to be like end game, or maybe I'm just a noob) and GATHERING. So many mmorpgs drop the ball with what Runescape does so well. The gathering is Albion isn't as good as Runescape... YET, we're in beta... this game world is huge and I see good content updates. Support these devs, become a founder.

Oh, and games pretty lowly populated right now but that's only because the wipe is coming soon.


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