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New Fortnite Birthday quests!
Obtain and eat Birthday Cakes to earn occasion tickets.
Do away with Cake Sploders to earn a Birthday Hero.


New Mission Manage
Fortnite has begun implementing a brand new technique for mission activation and voting. For now, we've added it to Retrieve the Information and Ride the Lightning missions. This new program replaces the Difficulty Pylon on the planet and permits for each mission get started and difficulty boost at the mission place.
In games with greater than a single player, escalating difficulty requires a majority vote.
In Ride the Lightning games with greater than a single player, starting the mission just before the mission ready timer has expired also demands a majority vote. The default time for mission ready is at the moment set to ten minutes.
Ride the Lightning mission will now show the storm direction on locating Lars's van in place of on depositing BluGlo.


New Canny Valley Campaign Quests are now out there:
These new quests continue the storyline into Canny Valley and will seem around the quest map.
All players with access to Canny Valley and Twine Peaks is going to be able to complete this new storyline.
Storm Shield Defense and Launch the Rocket quests are unchanged and are nevertheless expected to unlock new difficulties within Canny Valley.
You'll be able to now advance directly from 1 Storm Shield Defense to the subsequent, with no carrying out every single story quest in between.
The storyline consists of new quests that ask you to finish the old Storm Shield Defense quests. These will give retroactive credit when the Storm Shield Defense has already been completed.
Old Canny Valley quests are nevertheless present and happen to be converted into a series of optional side quests.


Dupe Prevention added to ALL Llamas!
Just after the Llama has determined the rarity and style of drop (IE - an Epic shotgun, a Legendary occasion hero, and so on) it will pick an item from that category that is definitely not already within your inventory or Collection Book.
This change applies to Epic, Legendary and Mythic schematics and heroes.

Quest progression adjustments for Twine Peaks:
You may now advance straight from one particular Storm Shield Defense towards the subsequent, unlocking new places without undertaking the quests in involving.
New quests happen to be inserted into the Twine Peaks main questline that need completion on the Storm Shield Defenses and give retroactive credit.

The leader of one's party has to be at or above the Required Power Rating ahead of your celebration can join a Mission of your listed encouraged Power Rating.

This requirement applies to Mission Alerts too as normal missions. It doesn't apply to Storm Shield Defenses.