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Missions update in path notes V5.10 for Fortnite save the world

Uncover birthday cake throughout the planet and earn unique cosmetics by finishing challenges and quests in-game. A playground is back and greater than before. Challenge your pals to a duel and build incredible structures on your own private island. Wield the new Legendary Fortnite weapon in Battle Royale, the Compact SMG. The Save the World storyline continues inside the Canny Valley campaign. Get in-game and complete the Fortnite Birthday questline to unlock a unique birthday reward! Now U4GM shares with you What Missions update in Fortnite Save the world path notes V5.10. U4GM as a professional Fortnite Save the World Items website, provides safe, rapidly and low-cost Fortnite Weapons for you. With more than 10 years of excellence, we've got served a large number of consumers. In case you are hesitating where to purchase Fortntite Materials, U4GM is going to be fantastic.


New Fortnite Birthday quests!
Obtain and eat Birthday Cakes to earn occasion tickets.
Do away with Cake Sploders to earn a Birthday Hero.


New Mission Manage
Fortnite has begun implementing a brand new technique for mission activation and voting. For now, we've added it to Retrieve the Information and Ride the Lightning missions. This new program replaces the Difficulty Pylon on the planet and permits for each mission get started and difficulty boost at the mission place.
In games with greater than a single player, escalating difficulty requires a majority vote.
In Ride the Lightning games with greater than a single player, starting the mission just before the mission ready timer has expired also demands a majority vote. The default time for mission ready is at the moment set to ten minutes.
Ride the Lightning mission will now show the storm direction on locating Lars's van in place of on depositing BluGlo.


New Canny Valley Campaign Quests are now out there:
These new quests continue the storyline into Canny Valley and will seem around the quest map.
All players with access to Canny Valley and Twine Peaks is going to be able to complete this new storyline.
Storm Shield Defense and Launch the Rocket quests are unchanged and are nevertheless expected to unlock new difficulties within Canny Valley.
You'll be able to now advance directly from 1 Storm Shield Defense to the subsequent, with no carrying out every single story quest in between.
The storyline consists of new quests that ask you to finish the old Storm Shield Defense quests. These will give retroactive credit when the Storm Shield Defense has already been completed.
Old Canny Valley quests are nevertheless present and happen to be converted into a series of optional side quests.


Dupe Prevention added to ALL Llamas!
Just after the Llama has determined the rarity and style of drop (IE - an Epic shotgun, a Legendary occasion hero, and so on) it will pick an item from that category that is definitely not already within your inventory or Collection Book.
This change applies to Epic, Legendary and Mythic schematics and heroes.

Quest progression adjustments for Twine Peaks:
You may now advance straight from one particular Storm Shield Defense towards the subsequent, unlocking new places without undertaking the quests in involving.
New quests happen to be inserted into the Twine Peaks main questline that need completion on the Storm Shield Defenses and give retroactive credit.

The leader of one's party has to be at or above the Required Power Rating ahead of your celebration can join a Mission of your listed encouraged Power Rating.

This requirement applies to Mission Alerts too as normal missions. It doesn't apply to Storm Shield Defenses.


Albion Online, Buy Now!

I'm not a PvP person, I bought the game for trading (and transportation of goods for more albion gold), gathering, crafting. I love the idea of supporting my friends with high quality items the moment they ding to higher tier. I like just peacefully prancing around NPC merchants and feeding them.


And I want to tell you that don't wait until the game is released. Buy now. There is going to be a wipe soon, this will give you opportunity to screw around in the game with some cash.. get a personal feel for it. Once the wipe hits, you'll be back at square one with your stuff... again, you can be creative until the game is launched with NO repercussions of your real world purchased gear.


The games great, if you like Runescape, you'll love this. Plenty of PvP, decent PvE (I think they'll work on this, dungeons seem to be like end game, or maybe I'm just a noob) and GATHERING. So many mmorpgs drop the ball with what Runescape does so well. The gathering is Albion isn't as good as Runescape... YET, we're in beta... this game world is huge and I see good content updates. Support these devs, become a founder.

Oh, and games pretty lowly populated right now but that's only because the wipe is coming soon.


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Questions and Answer Before Buying Albion Online

Q: Whats the point of buying the higher tier packs over the 30$ one if almost all of the exclusives can be lost?


A: You start your adventure in green zones which are safe zones, mobs don't kill you there so you won't drop your items. In yellow zones you might get attacked by other players but won't drop your items therr as well. You drop your items in red and black zones only. Besides some of the items are for your personal island so you don't need to carry them all the time. So if you want to have a slightly better start, you'd most likely get most expensive pack.


Q: If I buy the 30$ pack now, can I play instantly?


A: Yes, any pack gives you instant access to all closed beta phases and release. You won't have to buy the game at release.


Q: Is premium used in the CBT and if so, will we have it again after the wipe for official launch?


A: Yes and yes. All the packs shenanigans will be given after wipe and at release.


Q: What type of items are in the cash shop atm? aka is it pay2win?


A: There's no cash shop atm, you may however buy albion online gold which you can spend on vanity items or premium, you may also trade it for albion online silver (in game currency). Devs always say they won't add any items or resources which are common in p2w games, it's gonna be vanity items only.


Q: How is the population of the game at the moment?


A: The population is lower than before because lots of players are waiting for the wipe later this summer which will bring gameworld rework, progression rework, lots of new items and features, including criminal system. But since last week castle contest was announced lots of players returned to compete so it's not like the game is empty.


Albion Online: Games Should be Fun!

Since I love the idea of logistics being a central aspect of the game, using an island switch to a different town as save transport is a problem. On the other hand not being able to switch the free island travel to the home town of the guild I just moved to is a problem too. Giving up the island and starting new is a needless grind and no fun at all. Games should be fun!


But there is a simple solution:


change of home town for private island is necessary, so it should be possible
restrict switching frequency (e.g. once every 30 days)
there should be a moderate fee in Albion Silver (e.g. 25% of accumulated upgrade costs or even less)
switch is only possible, when no hero is on the island
after the switch all inventories and all farming patches are empty
So if one wants to keep the stored stuff, it has to be moved by transport before the switch takes place.


Albion Silver cost and moving time should be scaled with size of the island, number and tier level of buildings/plots. Maybe some cost from distance sounds also quite reasonable, but not necessary.


So this moving should not be instant or free, but the opportunity move to another location without starting all over again should be possible. All possibilities to abuse this moving system should be restricted so its just ment to players who want to move close to new guild for example.


And hey this kind of moving system works also as a bonus Albion Silver sink

Misleading: Albion Online Weapon Progression

Hey all, just thought I'd give some insight into an aspect of weapon progression that I find misleading.


I believe the current .1 .2 and .3 weapon system is flawed because of the way that the tier of each weapon is not balanced with the other types.


for example. the .1 crossbow at base tier is labeled as a tier 4 (IV) weapon, just like the .3 repeating crossbow. The problem is that the label doesn't correspond to the weapons TRUE power, as the .3 repeating crossbow at base level is actually closer to tier 6 (VI).


I believe this is an immense lack of clarity in game because the tier label on the weapon basically means nothing.


Having a IV label on both the .1 crossbow and the .3 repeating crossbow is wrong.


Another problem is in the fame needed. a master's crossbow requires 202k fame, whereas a master's repeating crossbow needs 1million..




EITHER- Take all weapon types (.1, .2 and .3) and balance them around their labeled tier (IV, V, VI, VII, VIII), by equalizing both fame requirement and power.


OR- Make .1 base tier IV, .2 base tier V and .3 base tier VI to truly represent their power.

Spanish and Turkish Players can Talk at New Forum

Spanish and Turkish speaking players now have a new safe haven on our forums, read more about it here.


We’re happy to announce two new language subforums on the official Albion Online forums!


The Spanish-speaking and the Turkish-speaking community have been growing a lot in the past months, and we are happy to have found two people who helped us a great deal establishing forums for these communities. Corroborate (Spanish) and Koray (Turkish) will be helping their respective communities as moderators by answering questions in their native tongue and guiding constructive discussions. Our Spanish and Turkish friends can now freely discuss Albion Online in the following four boards per language:


News and Announcements

Introduce yourself!

General Questions & Discussions



What are you waiting for? Just go! Share your ideas!

Albion Online - The Winners of Castle Fight Event

The first week of the Castle Fight is over, find out who won the first set of guild logos!

The first week of our Castle Fight Event is over and has been quite exciting! We kept tabs on the scores here, but the important information is: who will get the first set of guild logos?


Without further ado, here are the winners of the first week:


1. Red army (43 Points)

2. Prime (42 Points)

3. Money Guild (38 points)


Those three guilds have scored the most points and will get their logos in the game. Red army also is halfway to securing their logo as exclusive.


The first week showed us a few things that we can improve upon for this competition and some clarifications that need to be made.


What happens in case of a tie?


If a tie in points is happening, the guild that won their last point earlier is considered to be "ahead". Example: Guild A and Guild B both finish with 30 points. However, guild A already had that amount on the 3rd day of the week, while guild B only caught up on the last day. Guild A will be considered the winner.


If two guilds should get the same number of points on the same checkpoint, the one that captured the relevant castle earlier according to our logfiles will win.


What happens if guilds win that already have their logo?


This is supposed to be a fun competition and not a lockout game. We'll give out at least two logos per week. That means if the top three already have their logo in the game, places 4 and 5 will get them. If Ranks one and three already have a logo, we will award them to places 2 and 4.


What about running multiple guilds to farm logos?


This is something we do not want. We want to give logos to established, real guilds. If you plan on creating alt / satellite guilds just to farm logos or exclude others from receiving them, we will hand out punishments - up to totally excluding the main guild from the competition.

Albion Online - Mounts



Mounts are used to travel across the world. Mounts are used to travel quickly across the open world map and allow you to carry more resources than on foot. Horses and Oxen must be raised in a Pasture. There are also exotic mounts, such as dire wolf, dire boar, and dire bear, which must be raised from pups in a Kennel. Grown animals are converted into mounts at a Saddler.


Now, really important point about the resource system in this game is not only are you trying to explore and compete with other players over limited resources, but you also have to really plan how you get there and get back. Most of the traveling is done on foot or on horseback or on ox back. You really have to kind of get out there yourself. You really have to take the time to travel, and although this slows the pace of gameplay down, it does create sort of an interesting strategic aspect to the resource gathering.

There is a limited carry weight in Albion Online. When you carry more than you could handle, you are becoming encumbered and slowing down. It's recommended to throw away all junks to speed yourself up.


It can also mean that the greedier you are, the more you are slow down and the more danger awaits you especially when you are in a PvP zone. If another player engages you while you are carrying too much, it's very difficult to flee away. Some player goes to the PvP zone not to harvest resources but to kill and takes harvested resources from other players. And the slowed down player is always be their target. It means they are carrying various rare resources which other players can steal everything if they can win the fight.


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Albion Online - Fame

You can receive fame for almost every crafting and combat activity in Albion Online. It's used for levelling up your adventurer level, as well as for keeping track of your progress in-game.


While fame is uniform score, there are four different fame sources: killing players, NPCs, crafting and trade. You can check how much you've gained from each in your personal statistics.


Now, on top of that, there’s also a fame system. You will have uncommon or rare or other rarer resources spawn. Now, these are represented by a kind of like little fairies things floating around them. If you harvest it, you are going to get more fame than the ordinary resource.


Fame is progression on this destiny board. You need a specific amount of fame in order to make progress in Destiny Board. And, of cause, it’s more common to find this type of resources in an explored and dangerous area.


However, these do come at a bit of a cost. The durability of your gathering tool is getting wrecked a lot more by harvesting these uncommon resources. It’s worthwhile anyway comparing to what you get in return.


One thing you should keep in mind is that other people usually have the same goal as you. They make their way to the dangerous zone because of these resources. You should keep your eyes on the map to aware of other people location and harvest everything as much and as fast as possible. Otherwise, a more powerful player might PvP you and take all the resources.


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Weapon and Armor Improved in Albion Online

Since the starting of Close Beta back in early 2016, Albion is now putting more focus on combat. The developer team stated that the rest of the game systems are in place and they are starting to polish up the other systems which they haven't been quite happy with yet. And combat is one of those. So the idea of the new items they've introduced, the new armors and the re-work of the weapons, is to improve the combat system and allow you to more specifically build combat roles.




Weapon and Armor Become More Important


Previously, characters were roughly able to perform the same things. They had, roughly, the same survivability and there was not a lot of difference between weapons. Main goal of the new combat system was to distinguish these weapons more, and through introducing light and medium armor, allow you a modifier, or even crafting, on top of these weapons, which even more diversified the range of roles you can cover in combat.

Light armor makes you very vulnerable but it boosts your abilities. It boosts your healing as well as damage output. This makes the light armor to be suitable for a very aggressive play style.


With this update, daggers become a perfect combination with light armor especially to an assassin playstyle: A character who cannot take a lot of hits, but when he gets close and the enemy team ignores him just a little bit too long, he can be super-deadly.

And then on the other end of the spectrum, there is now heavy armor that protects you very, very well. You are really hard to kill in heavy armor and that allows you to really charge into the enemy group and fulfill, for instance, a disruptive role. With it, you can interrupt spell casters, harass healers, or really in the middle of the enemy lines.


Heavy Armor allows you to play that really tough, heroic character who can run into the enemy team and take a bunch of hits and disrupt their activities. Like all other items, you can combine the heavy and light armors freely with other items in Albion. So, the classless system means you choose what Albion class you want to build.


You choose, through choosing a weapon and a set of armor, how your character is going to be able to perform on the battlefield, what abilities he will be able to hold. And there are endless combinations to find which are really powerful and that fulfill a unique role on the battlefield of Albion.


Weapon Abilities Added


Developer team also worked all the abilities in the game. One of the objectives was to give each weapon and each item in the game, a unique characteristic. So, when you pick an axe, you know that you're going to be dealing a lot of damage which is really important while you are in the hellgates. That's what an axe is for. A hammer, on the other hand, is more of a disruptive weapon, for like stopping spell casters, stop people from using their abilities, stunning them, knocking them back, that kind of thing.


When you pick a specific item, you know exactly what role that item will fulfill. And likewise, when you see an enemy with a certain type of weapon, you'll know exactly what that enemy is capable of and what role that enemy probably plays inside the team.


In the tests so far, we feel that the new classless system, the new amount of armors, the re-work of the spells, the improvement of effects, everything that we've done has massively improved the combat experience. Every player now feels that they have to fulfill a role. And only through fulfilling your role perfectly can your team win. It's a much deeper battle experience than before.

Dungeon and Hellgates in Albion Introduced

One of the big challenges for the developer team when designing an open world sandbox game like Albion Online is that a common strategy for players is to group up in very large groups called Zergs. They came up with the idea of Hellgates. They are supposed to promote players running around in the world in smaller groups.


They tried to create fair and evenly matched combat situations for players. Hellgates, a rift to the Hell Dimension, are the outcome of that idea.


How Hellgates Work


You and four of your friends can actually go through a portal which will take you to these special Hell dungeons. And within these dungeons, they're filled with demons. You will fight these demons to get soul stones, and at the end you will encounter a huge demon boss.


In order to open a Hellgate in Albion Online, you have to find a Gatekeeper. Albion is ravaged by a previous war, and there are many places that are weak, where the connection between the planes is damaged. At these places, gatekeepers will appear and can be defeated. And when you fight one, if you manage to defeat one which isn't easy, it will open a portal to Hell. This Hellgate can only be used by those who defeated the demon, and only up to five people can enter it.


The Hellgate itself works very much like a mini dungeon. So, it is filled with very nasty, hellish creatures.


Chance to Fight Against Players


The most exciting thing is that at the same time there's a second portal somewhere in the world, and if another group of people discovers that second portal, they will come rushing in into the same place where you are.


When you enter Hellgates, you never know what is going to happen. It's possible that you are alone, that you're just up against the demons of Hell and their boss, but it's just as likely that you will encounter another group.


And if you encounter these groups down there, they will usually be out for blood. They will try to fight you(pvp). They will try to fight you for the spoils that you'll find in this place.


Because the number of how many people can enter Hell and also how many enemy groups you'll encounter there are limited, it's going to be a fair, square and skill-based fight.


Hellgates Boss


The creature waiting for you at the end of the Hellgates is a powerful demon. The interesting part about the demon boss is that he throws off these lava bombs. These lava bombs actually stay on the ground and deal damage to anyone that gets close to them.

He can slam the ground, flood the combat area with lava and knock everyone back dealing massive damage to them. And then, obviously, if you get too close to him, he will strike you and deal a lot of damage that way. But when you defeat him, you get a lot of souls, and these souls are used for crafting really powerful items, and that's why you come to Hell.


In addition, demons in Hellgates drop soul stones. It's a rare and very expensive item used for high-level equipment. It's an essential item for all players.

Albion Online - Three Lessons to Make Money from Auction House

It's undeniable that killing mobs is one of the most essential ways to make money in Albion Online. In addition, it's considered as the easiest way to be rich that everyone can do it without any much difficulty. However there's also another way to make money in Albion Online, which is about playing the Auction House. These three guides below are going to teach you how to be filthy rich though trading.




Lesson One: Mounts


As soon as the game officially release, there's going to be some commodities that everyone is going to be looking for. The first one should be mounts. Every player need mount since it's an important factor in Albion gathering system. It helps player carry more items as well as increasing the travelling speed.


In the current beta testing, an ordinary horse is being sold on Auction House for at least 6,000 Silver. And the amount can be even higher when after the official launch considering that there's going to be much more demand than the current beta stage.

That's lesson number one. If you want to make this your priority on making silver, then you can go ahead and learn how to make mounts and go from there.


Lesson Two: Tier 3-4 Gear


Tier three, tier four armor, and tier four weapon are going to be the second things you should aim for if you are planning to make money through Auction House. These items are a must-have for all players, especially in an early game.


It really depends on what you want to do for yourself and your character's build, but essentially everyone should be able to make their own tier for armor. And if you really want to capitalize on that, you could sell it on the market.


To increase the money we can make from selling weapon and armor, it's a good idea to only focus on popular gear. At present, plate armor is the most popular armor among players. But this might be changed when the game is officially released.


Lesson Three: Market


Remember that Auction House in Albion Online isn't globally linked. This is why it's essential to choose locations. There are three recommended places from our guide you should sell your items on the Auction House.


Smuggler's Bay is going to be the market in Albion when the game comes out. A lot of people will be here making the trading market to be very busy. It is a good idea to travel and settle here as soon as the game is released.


The second and third locations are Freeport and Buccaneers Haven. These places are located in a very good location that will attract numerous numbers of players.